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Karos - Premium Pack Download Bittorrent

Updated: Mar 17

Karos - Premium Pack Download Bittorrent http://shoxet.com/196mh1

About This Content Premium pack contains a variety of useful items and a special currency for purchases in the in-game store. This pack will allow you to enjoy the abilities the store can provide. There will be a large number of consumables at your disposal, as well as a permanent suit! Buying the pack you will get a set of items at discount! Please remember that you can only buy the Starter pack once.The pack contains: 2 Platinum Potion of Concentration (168 hours)Decreases the cooldown of all skills by 50%. 10 Activity potions (20 min.)This set will make your character to become a furious berserker for a short period of time! 1 Ring of Experience (7days)Enchanted ring with a seal of wisdom that gives you a pleasant feeling of warmth. 1 set of Lucky earrings (30 days)Its stylish design suits to every set of armor, and the jewels are enchanted to bring luck to the bearer. 3 Fletta boosters (24hour) Will increase the amount of fletta points for 24 hours spent in the game. 10 Protection CapsuleThis useful item will protect you from losing the equipment after death. 20 scroll of Party summoning Summons the members of the party to the leader’s location. Can only be used by the party leader! Light SWAT suit kit (permanent)Put together this equipment set will grant great strength to its owner! Boots of the light SWAT suit (permanent) Breastplate of the light SWAT suit (permanent) Gloves of the light SWAT suit (permanent) Pants of the light SWAT suit (permanent) 10 GXP Special currency for purchases in the in-game shop.Some items cannot be shared. You can receive the pack you’ve bought in the “Presents” menu of the in-game store. The GXP will be added to your account immediately. 1075eedd30 Title: Karos - Premium packGenre: Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPGDeveloper:Galaxy GatePublisher:NIKITA ONLINERelease Date: 28 Jan, 2016 Karos - Premium Pack Download Bittorrent

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